Lifehack Complex skin care is the basis of effective result

Novita Delicate cotton pads have a very useful feature: one side has a relief surface, which makes skin cleansing more efficient while removing makeup quickly and easily; the other side has a smooth surface, that’s why it provides a uniform application of cosmetics, when used as a sponge.

Moreover, Novita Delicate cotton pads can be used to create masks and patches at home. Apply cosmetic serum or herb tea to a cotton pad and put it on the face or eye area. Thanks to the relief surface, the micro-massage effect is achieved and the active ingredients of the agent will penetrate the skin better.

Use Novita cosmetics with Novita Delicate cotton pads and the result will not be long in coming! Thanks to complex care, your skin will always be moisturized, soft and supple, and most importantly – well-groomed and healthy!