New line of cosmetics for skin care with anti-pollution effect

Anti-Pollution effect - a deep cleansing and protection from the negative impact of the environment!

A new line of cosmetics to care for intimate hygiene with Prebiotic Biolin


Make-up Remover

Step 1


Removing make up is the first and extremely important stage in skin care.
If you want your skin to be healthy and your eyelashes to be dense and beautiful, do not go to bed without removing your makeup! Even if it is minimal.
The skin of your face, and especially the area around your eyes, is very gentle and must be cleansed as carefully as possible, using the correct products.
Make up removing milk or micellar water will be the perfect solution. When choosing one of the two products, take into account your skin type and your preferences. Both products will perfectly remove even the makeup that is resistant to removal and will clean your skin of accumulated skin fat particles.

Face wash

Step 2


Cleansing is divided into two stages, each of which is extremely important in the comprehensive care.
The first stage (washing) must be performed on a daily basis. Washing gel cleanses your skin from urban dust, smog, toxins, and cosmetics residues and prepares it for toner application.
The second stage (deep cleansing) must be carried out 2-3 times a week. Deep cleansing means scrubbing of your face. This procedure carefully exfoliates the keratinous cells of the skin, cleans pores, and promotes the elimination of toxins.


Step 3


Most girls mistakenly ignore this important stage of care. The toner not only refreshes and tones your skin but, equally important, restores its natural pH after washing. Moreover, when regularly used, the correct toner adjusts the color and relief of your face and gives it a natural flush while helping to smooth out fine wrinkles.

All for make-up


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