Lifehack Complex skin care: cosmetics, cosmetic cotton pads and buds

Healthy skin is practically a scope of dreaming of every woman, in conditions of a crazy rhythm of life, chronic stress, lack of sleep, malnutrition and a negative impact of ecology. Complex skin care is a way to make this dream come true. It’s thought that that’s enough just to wash the face. But, it’s not exactly the true. For a healthy skin it’s necessary to use complex skin care which consists of few steps:

-    make up removing
-    washing
-    cleansing
-    toning
-    skin nutrition
-    moisturizing

Novita cosmetics line with the Anti-Pollution effect is created to help your skin to resist the negative impact of the environment. Novita cosmetics line is not just three skin care steps (makeup remover, cleansing, and toning); but also it’s a complex care for all skin types.

To maximize the effect of complex care it’s recommended to use Novita Delicate cotton pads. Why them? With Novita cotton pads you can reach  double effect . One side has a relief surface which effectively cleans the skin, removes make up fast and easily. The other side has a smooth surface, which provides even application of cosmetics.